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Root with the Best

Name: Chelsea 

Position: Head Coach | Program Coordinator

Profession: Marketing

Hometown: Herkimer, NY

Chelsea began dancing at age 4 transitioning from ballet to hip-hop to cheer. With 12 years off dance experience, going on 14 years in cheerleading up to the collegiate level including coaching & experience in aerial yoga & go-go, she brings an innovative & creative style to each of her teams. Chelsea creates her team’s music, choreographs routines, creates all promotional images & materials as well as the designing of their uniforms, attire & "looks." 

Accolades include 2x UCA All-Star, 2x NCA All-American, 2x Most Spirited & 5x squad captain. Certifications include aerobic fitness programs "Flirty Girl Fitness" & "POUND" & is a certified Pop Warner & NYSPHAA coach. 

She is a former student at the prestigious Decker School of Ballet, Herkimer Hornet Pop Warner & Herkimer Magicians cheerleader, college stunt coordinator, fitness instructor, pop warner coach & semi-pro coach/program coordinator. In addition to being on the NightHawks executive board & coaching Lady Hawks, she is entering her 5th season as Head Coach for the varsity cheerleading program at Herkimer H.S. 

Chelsea is OBSESSED with "Game of Thrones" & anything relating to it. She prefers villainesses in stories to the princesses (unless they're queens, like Elsa or Daenerys). And, if you’re looking for her in a crowded room or on the sidelines, you can't miss her as she stands just under 6'3" flat foot!

Her vision is to open a cheer, dance & performance art facility to share her passion, innovation & creativity with the community while helping build confidence, body positivity & self-love awareness which she is an advocate for.

Chelsea Hutton

Head Coach

Emily Ward-Case


Name: Dakota

Position: Base/Backspot/Tumbler

Profession: Cosmetologist

Hometown: Syracuse, NY


Dakota has been doing both school & competitive cheering since she was 7. She loves to sing & it definitely brightens our day at practice when her wild streak comes out! Her dream job is to be a mortuary beautician. When it comes to movies, Dakota lives for "The Lord of the Rings”.

Name: Emily C.

Position: Base/Tumbler

Profession: Cosmetologist | Lash + Brow Technician

Hometown: West Winfield, NY


Emily C. has been cheering for 16 years! She is currently on North Star All-Stars & this is her 2nd year on a semi-professional team. She LOVES turtles! Forget "Taco Tuesday". Moe's Monday's is her favorite day of the week. She is by FAR makes the best awkward facial expressions in photos on our team. She is also on the Executive Board of the Nighthawks organization

Name: Brittany

Position: Base/Backspot/Tumbler

Profession: Blackjack Dealer

Hometown: Rome, NY


Brittney has cheered for 3 years on North Star All-Star in Rome. With her outgoing & charismatic personality, she lights up a room the second she walks in which makes it easy for her as she is a self-described “people person!” In her spare time, she loves to work out & stay fit.

Name: Fallon

Position: Backspot/Tumbler

Profession: Beauty Advisor

Hometown: Rome, NY


Fallon has been cheering for 7 years. She has been a North Star All-Star & this is her 2nd year of semi-pro cheerleading. Fallon is the team goofball & will joke around making her teammates laugh throughout practices! She LOVES to rap. Anytime a song or beat comes on, it’s like a free concert (even though she's not that good). Chinese food is a weakness of hers which she eats at least 3 times a week... which she says probably isn’t the best. Fallon is also on the Executive Board of the Nighthawks organization.

Name: Aly B.

Position: Flyer/Tumbler

Profession: Occupational Therapy Student

Hometown: West Winfield, NY

Aly B. has cheered for 3 years on Mt. Markham varsity cheerleading & 3 years on Keuka College’s competition cheer team where she has served as team captain twice. In addition to being on their cheer team, she is also on their equestrian team! She loves snowboarding in the winter but may not be able to once she graduates college & moves back to North Carolina where she spent the better part of a decade living.

Name: Ally F.

Position: Flyer/Tumbler

Profession: Manager

Hometown: Rome, NY


After cheering for 15 years & 4 years of gymnastics, Ally F. is onto her 2nd year of semi-pro cheerleading. She absolutely loves animals & building new friendships. Ally F. truly loves cheerleading & it shines through on the team.